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You can rise.

Yes, it seems you’re on the bottom right now. Making it out, you just don’t see how.
But what is a diamond before it is refined?
Coal. Something black and ugly, not even worth a dime.

But then it goes through a metamorphosis, Like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. There is a reasoning for your suffering, Although you may not yet understand why.

But you can rise.

Sometimes, the body has to be broken down.
For you to appreciate a smile, you’ve had to frown. For you to truly understand what it means to be happy, There had to be times when you were mad, fanatically.

But that point when you were feeling your lowest,
Is when you build all your strength. It’s imperative you notice, Everything that got you to this point in your life.
To not be here again is going to be a fight.

But you can rise.

Snippet from Chapter 11 Rise- Shana Danielle

2.5 in x 8.5 in


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