Rise – A Collection of Inspirational Poetry, Prose, and Affirmations


Shana Danielle is a renowned inspirational speaker, spoken word artist, and newly published author, who is on a mission to inspire people to become their best hope-filled, unashamed, and unapologetic version of themselves. Recently, Shana has authored a new Self-Help book named ‘Rise – A Collection of Inspirational Poetry, Prose, and Affirmations’ to help her readers build a meaningful and happier life.

Rise is written to help people learn how to set themselves free from trauma, failures, and disappointments to live a life full of hope and love!



Rise, a collection of poetry, prose, and affirmations, is a journey through all walks of life: abuse, addiction, identity, race relations and lack of purpose. Shana is transparent with readers, sharing her own trials that she faced and overcame. In doing so, she hopes to serve as inspiration for those who seek to establish a more happier, more fulfilled life. The desire to encourage and inspire others will be ignited, allowing you to be free from shame. Stress and anxiety will be alleviated and replaced with understanding and patience.

Inside this book

  • Shana urges her readers to confront their wounds and provides them with the necessary tools to heal.
  • Readers will walk away with the courage and mental fortitude to Rise above their fears and will no longer be concerned with judgment from the critics.
  • Receive inspirational quotes to replace stress and anxiety with understanding and patience.
  • The book is full of wisdom and guides the readers to find answers to tough topics and arm themselves with hope and love to overcome any sort of adversity.


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