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AUTOGRAPHED I Love Myself Coloring and Activity Book with Self-Love Affirmations Volume 1


The Inspirational Coloring Book Created By A 6-Year-Old

Help your child elevate their self-esteem with the I Love Myself Coloring and Activity Book full of self-love affirmations!

I Love Myself is a fun and creative coloring and activity book created to nurture young children’s creativity and confidence.

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What’s Inside?

Each page is filled with fun activities that include an inspirational affirmation designed to empower children to feel and believe that they are smart, beautiful, confident, and much more.

Coloring Pages With Real Purpose

These coloring pages will help children explore concepts like:

  • Bravery

  • Beauty

  • Strength

  •  Creativity

  • Independence

  • Compassion

Designs Reflecting Diversity Ready To Color

I Love Myself features children of all backgrounds and hopes that they will not only see themselves, but also see how all children can be amazing.

Who Is This Coloring Book For?

This book is perfect for children ages four and older, encouraging them write, color, doodle and express themselves creatively. The single-sided designs are ideal for

  • Crayons

  • Colored pencils

  • Watercolors

  • Most markers

Who Is The Coloring Book By?

Ka’Maya Shanelle is a beautiful six-year-old girl with a dream to help children love themselves better and then release that love to others.

Ka’Maya, inspired by her mother who is also a successful author, is a child who desires to inspire and empower children to never stop believing in their ability to achieve greatness.

Connect with Ka’Maya’s publisher via email: info@colorwithmaya.com

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently we are able to ship physical copies of the book to the US and Canada. For those outside the United States: while we are exploring international shipping options, the E-book is available here. If you are not in the US or Canada and would like a paperback copy you can order from Amazon.


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