Book2Bulk BootCamp

You’re ready to increase your book sales and shift from being a surviving author to become the thriving author you’ve always dreamed of. Join this thriving author coaching program today and start selling your book in bulk!


Unlock the potential of your book with Teach2Thrive, an exclusive year-long mastermind program by seasoned author and entrepreneur, Shana Danielle. Gain insider access to the publishing industry, learn targeted marketing strategies, and transform your book into a profitable venture. With bi-weekly calls with Shana, networking opportunities, and a comprehensive curriculum, you’re set for success.


You’re ready to pen, publish and profit from your impactful book. This program guides you through every step of your journey – from writing your book, launching it successfully, to selling it in bulk.   

Thriving Author Talks

The Thriving Author Talk Show is a dynamic and inspiring platform where host and thriving author coach, Shana Danielle, engages with authors from various genres.

The show dives deep into the journeys of these authors, exploring their inspirations, the stories behind their works, and their creative processes. It’s a space for aspiring authors, avid readers, and anyone seeking inspiration.

Each episode offers valuable insights into the world of writing and publishing, providing practical advice and encouragement for those on their own author journey.

Conferences, Panels, Workshops and More…

Experience a powerful presentation that will reinforce the importance of leveraging the power of each individual contributor's story within your organization structure. This experience will boost morale, improve productivity, and enhance the way clients, customers, and the community see you, your people, and you company.