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Hi Rising Family!

I’m very much excited to bring something new to your table!I’m pleased to let you know that my book “RISE” is now available! Before I let you in on the details, let me say a few things about this book. Life has many ups and downs and sometimes, we go through struggles to come out stronger.

This book is born out of the need to inspire someone going through struggles with a desperate need to heal and rise above them. It’s an inspirational collection of poetry, prose, and affirmations poetically telling stories of people faced with insecurities and different life challenges, providing the reader with the tools to rise above such issues.

Helping someone rise above their challenges is one of the best gifts you can give to them and this book provides you with all you need to do so! Rising Fam, It’s time to inspire yourself or someone who might have just lost hope. So what are you going to do, sit down and fold your hands when you know you could’ve done something?

I don’t think so!

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: Currently we are able to ship physical copies of the book to the US and Canada. For those outside the United States: while we are exploring international shipping options, the E-book is available.

This book holds a piece of my heart because it’s about rising above various adversities. More than half of the book dealt with issues that directly affected me, the remaining topics in the book helped me help the loved ones who struggled with issues that I didn’t necessarily relate to. Still, through understanding, I was able to empathize with them.

I’m sharing this with you because I no longer need this book. It took me a LOOONNG time to figure out how to heal from issues stemming back to childhood, but today, I can proudly say I am free, and I love who I am.

I wrote this book because it was the book that didn’t exist when I desperately needed it. It was the book I would have given to my younger self in hopes of avoiding unnecessary challenges. A book that poetically told stories of people who faced struggles and insecurities but provided tools to rise from them.

So here’s my invitation to you . . .

Someone you know is struggling as a parent, friend, or loved one of someone with an identity issue, needs healing from trauma or locating their purpose. Maybe that someone is you.

I invite you to share this book with everyone. Be my eyes and ears. Help me share it with the world – with people I am unable to reach: parents, and loved ones, husbands and wives, teens, those who might have lost hope that there is a better life waiting for them to rise up and claim it.

I’m so excited to finally share this with the world.

Without further ado, I present to you …


Rise, a collection of poetry, prose, and affirmations, is a journey through all walks of life: abuse, addiction, identity, and lack of purpose. Shana is transparent with readers and uses some of her own trials she overcame, as inspiration to establish a more happier, more fulfilled life for generations to come.

Shana challenges readers to confront difficult wounds and provides tools to help heal, from loving yourself to breaking free from toxic environments. This collection addresses tough topics, but more importantly, serves as a guide to empower you to rise above adversity.

You will walk away with the courage and mental fortitude to Rise above your fears, no longer concerned with judgment from the critics. The desire to encourage and inspire others from your experiences will be ignited, allowing you to be free from shame. Stress and anxiety will be alleviated and replaced with understanding and patience.




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