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Book2Bulk: Your Profitable Self-Publishing Coaching Program

Self-Publishing A Book = More Than Just Writing

You’re a knowledgeable coach, a gifted speaker, and now a self-published author as well.

The book you’ve written is your ultimate pride and joy, and you simply know it has the power to change the lives of readers.

However, your masterpiece doesn’t appear to be flying off the shelves like you thought it would.

If these questions have been running through your mind recently, don’t worry too much – but don’t act on them, either!

Self-Publishing Coaching: The #1 Way To Increase Book Sales

My intensive self-publishing coaching program exists to help talented authors like you reap the rewards of sharing their written gifts with God’s kingdom.

You can expect an all-encompassing transformation in the way you view, speak about, and market your book.

Does this sound like you?

Imagine This...

Start working toward your first $1k book sale today!

Before We Go Into The Details… Are You Ready?

Seeing your hard work pay off, experiencing financial freedom, and leading a life you truly love… you deserve all this!

However, to make sure I – your professional, profitable self-publishing coach – can offer the support you need to grow book sales and thrive as an author, you must meet certain criteria.

Before We Go Into The Details… Are You Ready?

Seeing your hard work pay off, experiencing financial freedom, and leading a life you truly love… you deserve all this!

However, to make sure I – your professional, profitable self-publishing coach – can offer the support you need to grow book sales and thrive as an author, you must meet certain criteria.

Discover The 5 M’s To Grow and Scale Your Author Business

My transformational coaching program involves everything you can expect from a profitable self-publishing coach – and so much more.

Hiring me as your professional self-publishing coach goes beyond simple checklist exercises and implementing strategies that should work, but in reality, really don’t.

My ultimate goal is for you to hit the $1k mark and be on track for $10k months, $10k weeks, and even $10k days (without you having to invest a ton of extra time or effort to make it happen).

It all comes down to the 5 M’s to Grow and Scale Your Author Business:

Millionaire Mindset

Memorable Messaging

Magnetic Marketing

Meaningful Money

Maintainable Momentum.

What Are Authors Saying About Shana?

Meet Dr. Tiffany Kouadio Author Of: Dear Little Brown Skin Girl

Meet Nicole Donoho Ghost Writer and Author Of: The Emotions We Bear Series

Meet Jennifer Bell Retired Principal and Author Of: Living To Die

What Will I Learn in Book2Bulk?

How to sell you book by the caseload…
Keep reading to learn more.


Transition from a place of limiting beliefs and anxieties to one of abundance.

  • Learn what it means to have a ‘growth mindset’ and work towards adopting one.
  • Banish negative thought patterns, false belief systems, and bad habits.
  • Install apps that promote healthy thinking, reduce stress, and help you gain control.
  • Create a mission statement that pinpoints the who, what, why, and how you serve.

Establish a robust blueprint that allows you to financially thrive as a full-time authorpreneur.

  • Gain clarity on how much you’re currently earning and what you need to survive.
  • Create a blueprint that will pave the way from 1:1 book sales to selling by the caseload.

Identify your TOTT and decide on the best way to convert them into lucrative sales.

  • Understand which organizations want – and even need – your amazing book content.
  • Find out where the juicy sum of money people are willing to pay for your book lies.

Pinpoint the location of your target organization before reaching out to them in style.

    • Decide on which types of organizations your book speaks to the most.
    • Curate a tailored list of organizations for you to grow book sales via.
    • Come up with a schedule for reaching out to TOTTs (10×20 method).
    • Set up an invoice method that guarantees you get paid on time, every time.

Assess how potential readers and customers respond to your marketing efforts.

  • Learn a basic lesson in what KPIs are and how to implement them for lasting success.
  • Use various tools to calculate how much website engagement = book sales = money.
  • Trust the process and feel encouraged to keep showing up – no matter what.

Confirm your book shipping method and heartfelt tokens of appreciation.

  • Decide how and where to ship your books.
  • Create 5-STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE, adding a personal touch for customers to remember and enjoy.

*PLUS* Exclusive follow-up support from me to keep up the momentum. It’s time to implement what you’ve learned and see the results for yourself, all while receiving ongoing assistance to increase book sales even further!


I am not an expert, just really good at helping authors thrive in authorpreneurship!


I am a happily married wife, loving mother to five bundles of joy, devoted philanthropist, best-selling author, spirited speaker, praiseworthy poet, and Profitable Publishing Coach


What that means is I help authors on a mission scale their business profitably and increase their impact with greater ease. 


Seven years I wrestled with overcoming the fear of writing my first book Rise, but once I stepped into faith I was able to write Rise in 30 days. 


In just seven months after it’s publishing, my life changed in ways I could never imagine. 


I inspired and helped my six-year old daughter publish her first book, become a best-seller, and be featured on almost every news outlet in the city of Philadelphia.

Here is the most transformational part that I did not see coming…

quit my six-figure law enforcement job, moved my family from the Greater Philadelphia area to Metro-Atlanta area and am now thriving in my purpose helping authors like you publish their writing profitably full-time! 

I now have my time back and am able to attend my kids’ school events, have dinner at a “normal” time, have lunch with my husband (I retired him too), and work from any where in the world… my vacations have become a lifestyle.


Meet Lovelee Lundy Poetress and Author Of: Feel, Heal, Enjoy

Meet Valerie Author Of: Speak Up

Meet Edwin Artist and Author Of: Zero Hour Expsilon Force

You’ve Got Q’s I Got A’s

Book2Bulk BootCamp is for published authors who are ready to do the work. (No “get rich quick” schemes here…)

If you are a published author who is ready to invest in yourself and have a drive to make a profit while
living your purpose – then you’re in the right place!

Here’s the scoop: I get that you’re busy…but if you don’t do it NOW then when?

Stop ignoring that whisper in your inner self that says, “You are worth more.” Invest in yourself, invest in your family, invest in your business, take the leap.

If life gets in the way, I’ve got you covered: You’ll have full, lifetime access to the course (including templates, scripts, checklists, and spreadsheets) across any and all devices you own. And if you’re able to keep on schedule, you’ll just get to those bulk sales much faster!

Every lesson begins with a video that introduces, then breaks down a new concept or strategy in a step-by-step way. Several lessons include downloadable resources and links to help guide you as you implement what you’ve learned.

Each lesson is designed to help you build your foundation for for selling in bulk and get support during the implementation process.

This course is best suited for published authors with a mission bigger than their book. This program will guide you through your journey of selling your published book by the caseload. We will help you define your bulk selling foundations so you are prepared for success!

No. However, members will be able to apply for paid 1:1 coaching sessions if desired.

This program is for committed people only. If you are focused on the Money Back Guarantee, then this program is probably not for you.

Due to the digital nature of this product, we don’t offer refunds at this time. So all sales are final.

With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all, my team is just an email away! Reach out to

Ask away! Send my team a quick email at and we’ll get you an answer.

Watch Your Book Sales Skyrocket Like Never Before

It’s time to stop chasing cold leads at 2am and start making memories with loved ones.

Partner with me as your professional, profitable self-publishing coach…
…and work towards earning $1k per day!

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