You Beautiful Butterfly!

There is a Time for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
There is a time to enjoy your family, friends, and Godly community.

There are times to isolate yourself.

Think about a caterpillar. It is born and grows in its home, it’s egg. Just as you are born and then raised in your home.

Eventually the egg hatches and the caterpillar enter the wider world, just as you eventually leave the home of whoever raised you.

A caterpillar goes through life and grows, shedding its skin four to five times, each time revealing a new layer of skin; just as you go through life, ever evolving, growing and outgrowing people, jobs, relationships and situations. Each time a new layer or new and improved version of yourself is revealed.

The same way a caterpillar can be 100 times larger than when it first ate its way out of its egg is the same way you grow and blossom into something larger than you could have ever imagined. I mean figuratively, not literally; put the chips and ice cream down lol.

Once fully grown, the caterpillar forms itself into a “pupa” (or chrysalis) which most of us refer to as a cocoon. They usually find a safe place, somewhere hidden around a plant. Before you become the best version of yourself you may need to isolate in a safe place. Depending on the species, or depending on your situation, the cocoon stage may last a few weeks to several months.

Each situation you need to grow through in your life requires a different level of isolation with God. Your Godly community needs to be there to protect you, just as the caterpillar is protected while evolving. When a caterpillar is inside the chrysalis, a hardened shell forms around it to protect it from predators and extreme weather conditions. While inside, the organs and parts of the caterpillar begin to transform.

While you are growing with God and your mind is being renewed and transformed, you need your Godly community to surround you and keep you safe from attacks, distractions, etc. Even Jesus had a Godly community. The closest to Him in were Peter, James, and John. There were times they disappointed Him, but Jesus did not give up on them.

Remember, your Godly community is made of people, in flesh, who are not perfect. However, if they have a desire to do God’s will, keep them near you.

It is important to have Godly community with you to keep you accountable and help protect you. But, remember, you still need time to yourself, just you and God, so you can transform into the best version of yourself.

The result of the caterpillar’s isolation in its cocoon is…a wonderful butterfly!

Hold it!

Not the end of the story.

The butterfly cannot just take off and soar to the sky just yet. And neither can you hit the ground running – you need to be cautious.

Initially, the butterfly’s wings are wet, soft, and wrinkled against its body. The butterfly must be patient and wait for its wings to dry; it will pump a liquid call hemolymph into them to make them stronger.

As you get closer to God through prayer, praise, and worship you need to get the Word in you. His Word will make you stronger.

Once the butterfly is strong and ready for flight, this magnificent creature takes off and enjoys all the Creator created for it, just as the Creator wants for you.

Once you come out of your prayer closet, you think you’re ready to take on the enemy. Hold up, you’re not.

Get His Word in you. Now you’re ready.

Come on, let me see you and your brightly colored wings, you beautiful butterfly.


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I love you.

It’s Time to Rise!


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