Utilizing Pre-Orders for Successful Book Launches

The what, why, and how to Pre-Orders

As an author, you know how much hard work goes into creating and launching a book. It can be stressful to have to come up with a marketing plan during the writing process, which is why pre-orders are such an effective way to help authors promote their books before they are released. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using pre-orders as part of your book launch strategy.

What are Pre-Orders?

Book pre-orders are opportunities created where audience can reserve a copy of your book before it is released. Pre-Orders is a phase in publishing that allows the audience to get to know their author and work before the publishing date. Allowing your audience to order the book in advance is advantageous especially to the author more than the audience. Here’s why you should consider pre-orders.

Why Pre-Orders?

There are a number of reasons why you should go for preorders as an author. 

1. Pre-orders are a great way for authors to generate interest in their books and engage with potential audience before the book is even released. 

2. By offering pre-orders, you as an author can build a sense of anticipation and excitement around your books, giving them added momentum in sales when it launches. 

3. It can further increase the number of people who show interest in your book if you are offering incentives to those who pre-order your book, such as exclusive content or discounts on future books.

4. By offering pre-orders you can gauge interest in your book and determine if there is sufficient demand for it prior to its release.

Consider this, setting up pre-orders gives you more control over your launch date. You aren’t beholden to a publisher’s schedule or other external factors that could delay your release date. This means you can time your launch so that it coincides with any other promotions or events related to your book (such as speaking engagements or interviews). 

How To Promote Pre-Orders?

Once you’ve decided to offer pre-orders for your book it’s important that you create a comprehensive promotion plan that will ensure maximum reach and engagement from audience. 

1. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.  Create dedicated hashtags for each platform that relate back to the title of your book; this will help people easily find information about it online. 

2. Reach out directly to book influencers who will be able to help spread awareness about your pre-order by sharing it. This could range from popular bloggers in your niche all the way up to celebrities depending on what type of audience you are targeting. 

3. Additional promotional opportunities include hosting giveaways or partnering with local businesses in order to further increase visibility for your upcoming release.

Using pre-orders as part of your book launch strategy is an effective way to generate buzz around your upcoming release while also giving yourself greater control over when the book’s debut. By utilizing these, you as an author can maximize visibility for your pre-order campaign and ensure that they get off on the right foot when your books actually hit shelves!


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