The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Authors website

Does Your Business Have A Fighting Chance In The Current Market?

According to Forbes Magazine, “Every Business Needs A Website”

You are no exception. As an Authorpreneur, you are indeed a business owner and thus, You should have a business website.

A business’s online presence has a massive impact on sales as many buyers will always look you up online before making a purchase. Comes back to my usual saying, ‘nobody likes to buy from a stranger’.

The question is, are you a stranger to audiences or readers?

But first, I want to tackle in-depth why you as an Authorpreneur need a website 

Why Authorpreneurs must have a website

Having a website adds to your credibility and attributes to your organic traffic growth. You can not miss having one. See the following reasons that will compel you to have one:

1. A website attracts leads who mainly convert to buyers. You cannot get leads if you do not have an online presence. You want to be on the search engine results page when leads/ audiences are making a search

2. Your website is an informative platform for your buyers which showcases your brand. Your website is the space where you present your products to clients and explain how these will positively impact their lives

3. The website allows you ownership of your asset. Social Media Platforms are leased, You can lose your account and followers overnight and with little to no say over it. That’s not the case with a website. You own it.

4. The competition has it and is operating 24/7. Owning a website is a way to leverage your business against the competition. You don’t want to take a bicycle to the Formula 1 race

5. It is integral for digital marketing. If you plan to use digital marketing, which you should do to grow your sales, you need a website. Website or landing pages are perfect for growing leads and intern increasing sales. 


Have a way to collect emails on your website. Email addresses are how you stay in contact with your readers.

Have you been relying on Amazon thinking it is all the online presence you need?

It is easy to think; “everyone knows Amazon and countless buy their books from Amazon. It is what I need to sell my book”

Well, while Amazon may be good for exposure, having your website though is in your best interest. This is because of the royalties associated with publishing and selling your book through Amazon.

While your sales on Amazon may be growing, that does not necessarily mean that your business is profitable. You will find yourself struggling despite the revenue because:

Their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select will have your reach and income will be limited 

You also have content limitations as to how much content you can post online

With Amazon, for print books, there’s a 60% of retail minus printing cost royalty and 40% minus printing for EXPANDED distribution. 

While Amazon is good for exposure, it is better if you can focus on your own website as a platform to conduct your sales.

How to create your website

Website is no longer a foreign term. While it may have been an item used by corporates in the past, all entrepreneurs need it today to capture bigger markets.

Whether you can create or have a professional build your author website, you want to observe the following process as your guide.

  1. What is the purpose of your website?

Have your purpose for the website drafted to help you plan a site that serves your goal

  1. Domain name

Decide your domain name and check on its availability. This will become the title and name of your site. It will represent your brand

  1. Buy your domain name 

Buy your domain name by yourself using your email address and your credit card. You can use platforms such as GoDaddy, Hosting, Site Ground, among others.

  1. Select a builder

A builder is where you will craft your website. Below are the 4 most popular builders to choose from for your site. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify. Your selection depends on your needs and budget.

  1. Build the website

You can do this by yourself if tech-savvy or use a web developer service hired from Upwork or Fiverr. Site cost may range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on customization

  1. Items to include on your website. 

Here is a list of items you want to include in your website as web pages: 

  • Landing page
  • Author bio
  • Books
  • Mailing list
  • Blog
  • Contacts

I will be covering in-depth each of these 6 items to include in your website in the future.  Be sure to look up our new posts every week . They are full of useful content to positively impact your Authorpreneurship journey.


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