The Power of Affirmations

Welcome to the last quarter of 2020! We are officially in October and in one of my favorite seasons, Autumn 🍂 . I love to watch the foliage and feel the crisp morning air that evolves into a warm afternoon. This past weekend I enjoyed my family’s place in the mountains. We have a beautiful home that is sitauated on 3 acres surrounded by trees, rocks, a lake, and an abundance of wildlife. I love going there because it is where I feel most connected to God’s beautiful creations.

In the mountains is where I prefer to reflect and get re-focused on the next goals I want to achieve. Being focused is very important to finish this year strong. If you missed the last episode of Fearless Friday from Shana Danielle TV you will want to watch that here. This will give you the key to achieving your dreams in 2020. Also my book Rise is full of keys to help you on your personal growth journey. Check it out here.

Now I want to dive into a second key …

Our Thoughts

The mind influences our actions far better than any other physical part of the body. Sometimes we experience an overwhelming amount of negative emotions. These negative emotions (or bad feelings) are often the result of enormous negative thoughts which will prevent us from fulfilling our goals. In this situation, if we leave our mind to travel down the rabbit hole of negative thinking, it has the potency to extinguish our dreams.

Negative thoughts tend to become self-fulfilling predictions and drag our careers, relationships, and ultimately our lives down. I’m pretty sure that no one wants to be surrounded by negativity, it just doesn’t feel good. To combat the negativity that surronds us, we must force ourselves to use optimism deliberately. Optimisim gives us the results we need to get better results. Did you know that meaningful affirmations is an tool to add to your goal achieving toolkit? Affirmations help you to combat pessimism (negativity) in your life.

What Are Affirmations?

Positive statements that assist you to prevent from self-sabotaging and eliminating negative thoughts are defined as affirmations. Believing and repeating them might help you in making optimistic thoughts 2nd nature like riding a bike. They also allow you to get control over your thoughts consciously.

Recently, I have found myself working with my coaching clients on the power affirmations hold in manifesting our goals. One client in particular was discussing how she hates her job. I advised her to start to make statements on how she loves her job and the people she works with. By making those type of statements something in her life will shift, maybe it will be career change, or maybe it will be an attitude change.

However, our mind does not like to lie to itself and will do what we believe. If we want to manifest positivity in our life, we must shift our thought process.

According to research, from 12,000 to 60,000 of subconscious thoughts a person can have, approximately 80% are negative—too much pessimism will destroy our lives. By manifesting positive statements in our daily life, we can shift our mind from pessimism to optimism.

Why do Positive Affirmations work?

Subconscious vs conscious : If we want to change our life positively, we must shift our subconscious, and here the power of affirmation plays its role. Remember, your conscious mind can accept or deny any thought, but your subconscious mind cannot do so. It accepts what you believe, (The real you, not the you who you display to others or in the mirror.). However, affirmations are one of the easiest things you can do to stimulate your subconscious mind to live in the present rather than continuously reliving in your past.

“The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted”


The Invisible Connection

Between feeling and experiencing things, there is an invisible connection; feelings are the only means of communication conveying our thoughts to our subconscious mind. Our experiences influence our feelings. So, if you are going through a tough phase of life, don’t allow your pessimistic feeling to guide you, it will surely ruin it. Instead, use positive affirmations to feel optimistic, this will deliver positive thoughts to your subconscious mind. Here are some examples of positive affirmations:

  • I am excited to go to work. I have my dream job.
  • I am attracting happiness in my life.
  • I am confident and make decisions easily.
  • I am efficiently communicating my desires to my loved ones.
  • I am enjoying being relaxed and spending time with my family

Benefits of Daily Affirmations

  • When we control our thoughts, we reduce the chances of letting pessimistic thoughts in his mind.
  • We become more focused and encouraged enough to achieve our goals.
  • We keep small things in viewpoint, instead of being overwhelmed with the big goals.
  • According to recent research, positive thoughts help us to stay healthy and we can have healthier hearts.
  • With the help of affirmations, we can keep ourselves in a constant state of gratitude.

Final Thought

Everyone deserves to live life according to his/her dreams and desires. Most often, pessimistic thoughts are stopping you from enjoying the real essence of life. Allow positive affirmations to help you reach and walk in your purpose.

What is stopping you?

Maybe you feel that affirmations are only wishful thinking and are helpful when we are lying to ourselves. However, if you feel that you are lying to yourself when saying an affirmation, that is an indicator that that specific affirmation is the one you need to say (affirm) the most.

I challenge you to give positive affirmations a try, even if you are only disproving the whole idea that affirmations aid in manifesting your dreams to reality. Who knows, maybe you will find it successful and will witness what appears to be miracles happening in your life.

As always family, I love you.

It’s Time to Rise!


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