Stop Procrastinating and Start Profiting

Stop Procrastinating and Use Your Book to Make a Difference in Society While Being Profitable. 

The procrastination bug isn’t usually picky when it comes to victims. It picks them all, whether male or female, young or old, black or white, and the categories are limitless. 

Thinking I’m over-exaggerating? Consider the following few examples:

  1. A high schooler delaying the holiday assignment until the last day before school reopens
  2. A business owner waiting until the last minute to renew a business license
  3. A sports lover waiting hours before the game to buy the season tickets
  4. A mother delaying cleaning the house all day until the kids almost return from school
  5. An author holding off publishing her book until she completes her master’s degree
  6. A homeowner failing to pay the bills ahead of time and ends up in the last-minute long queue

I’m sure other scenarios are already popping into your head. Procrastination is a true challenge and especially so in today’s society which holds many distractions.

What really is procrastinating?

Procrastination is the act of putting off, postponing, or delaying a task that you could clear earlier. 

Procrastinating doesn’t necessarily mean you are lazy, though in some instances it does come up due to laziness. 

Procrastinating doesn’t necessarily mean you are lazy, though in some instances it does come up due to laziness. 

With procrastinating, many often fill the time slot that they could carry out an important task with activities that are not really necessary at that particular time. Picture the high schooler who decides to play all through the holiday putting off the assignment until schools re-open or the author who puts off publishing the book until she completes her master’s degree. 

Have you at times found yourself delaying and avoiding issues or tasks that matter to you as an individual?  I’ve got insightful information designed to help both you and me stop procrastinating and reach for success.

What does procrastination do to you and your business?

Procrastination is a killer of self and business growth. How? It brings out a variety of qualities in a person that do not help with growth. Some of these include:

  1. Procrastination blinds you from realizing the urgency of tasks or situations. All you do is keep putting them off to the last minute thinking you can indulge in things you feel like doing now because you will still have time to do these important things later. 
  2. Procrastination chokes you from the urge to reach out for more. It leads to a complacent nature in you that drives out of you the need to seek more. You no longer feel a need to grow your business since you are barely completing the things you have on your plate by delaying them.
  3. Procrastination drives you to indecisiveness. Since you keep procrastinating, indecisiveness slowly sets in as a by-product. You keep making adjustments by delaying things you should set a time to carry out.
  4. Procrastination turns you into a thrill seeker. Procrastination leads to last-minute rushes and this involves some adrenaline rush. You may easily find yourself addicted to the thrill or high that comes with procrastinating. This can be equated to gambling with your decisions and business as well. What will happen when you fail to secure what needs to get done on time?
  5. Procrastination can turn you into a coward. As you keep procrastinating, cowardice creeps in. You may start to move difficult tasks to later feeling insecure about handling them well and this may eventually eat up all the confidence you have as you keep doubting yourself and your abilities.

Ways you can stop procrastinating and start making a difference with your book while being profitable 

You may be shocked at how some of the things that make us procrastinate are of trivial importance to our growth. Here’s a common list that even I when not careful fall prey to

  1. Spending a little more time on Social Media than one should in a day
  2. Pushing a task for later just because one doesn’t feel like handling it now
  3. Enjoying music a little bit too much as you flip through different artists on a workday
  4. Failing to stay organized while handling your tasks and eventually slowing your pace
  5. Having a happy-go-lucky attitude toward your daily activities thinking “I will just wing it all through the day”

As an author, you want to get your books out to the public and help others benefit from your work as you make profits. Your business however will suffer if procrastination has taken you over and you are delaying making decisions that will turn you into a successful author. Some of the things you may be delaying include:

1. Getting the needed coaching or consulting service

You may have a book but do not know how to bump your sales or how to approach avenues that may help you grow your sales. Stop putting off that coaching service that will help you sell your book in bulk

2. Learning how to appeal to the people

You are writing books not to be kept on bookshelves but to be read in order to help others. Stop delaying the need to research to find your target market as well as the style of writing that will draw them into your content. Talk to people and find out what their pain points are and what they need. Then provide a book that offers solutions to them.

3. Launching your book

Plan a proper book launch and do not slack on that marketing plan. Only then can you start counting your big bucks from bulk book sales. How else can you start making profits if you do not Launch your book?

Plan a proper book launch and do not slack on that marketing plan. Only then can you start counting your big bucks from bulk book sales. How else can you start making profits if you do not Launch your book?

4. Holding on to your part-time job longer than necessary

Don’t procrastinate dedicating yourself to becoming a full-time author. Too often we give everything to building other companies, instead of our own. That extra part-time job may be causing you more pain than gain, and more than likely it’s rooted in fear. The fear that your career as an author may not kick off on a high leaving you financially wanting is indeed holding you back. Drive that fear and dedicate your energy to your career as an author and see the positive results. 

5. Writing that book you always wanted to publish

You may have planned out the idea in your mind but haven’t yet gotten to writing a draft of the book you want pushing it until you finish school, get married, or until your kids go to school. This is clearly procrastination when you could take your time to draft your book. Yes, you can publish your book while going through the listed phases of your life and enjoy making profits while at it.

How to set boundaries to help you quit procrastinating

  1. Cut the noise. This means eliminating your source of distraction
  2. Limit your snacking hours rather than snack anytime which will drive you to get out of your seat
  3. Find that comfortable work spot. This will prevent you from finding excuses to keep getting out
  4. Practice time blocking. Divide your day into time blocks with tasks to be accomplished during these to avoid procrastination
  5. Set milestones for goals and projects. Having bite-size chunks help you work your way to the end sequentially rather than get bored of an activity 
  6. Set rest times away from work. A break helps you recharge and come back ready to accomplish the next task

Ready to stop procrastinating as an author and make profits while making difference? Do not forget to reward yourself for successfully completing your tasks as planned. This will act as your motivation to keep going. 

Let me know in the comments below what you found most insightful.


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