Resilience: A Best Seller Author Skill That Needs Tapping Into

A Guide To How Resilience Can Shape Your Business For Success

We all face adversity at some point in life. Not just once, as this may come on several occasions. 

Do you have the strength to withstand/ recover from adversity and keep focused on your goal? This basically is what resilience is all about.

Resilience is also associated with terms like flexibility, toughness, and elasticity. Being rigid or fragile actually puts you on a collision path with resilience. 

Resilient people exhibit the following traits

  1. Standing autonomous or independent
  2. Seeking new adventures/ experiences
  3. Meeting the world on their own terms
  4. Prioritize having a positive view of circumstances
  5. Put to work whatever new skill they have
  6. Believe that their determination is what influences their outcome

Which of these traits can you identify with? By the end of this blog, you want to list down what you can do to exhibit these traits.

Which of these traits can you identify with? By the end of this blog, you want to list down what you can do to exhibit these traits.

      This blog emphasizes 2 aspects of resilience that affect your author’s journey. 

      1. How to build resilience to work with your clients
      2. How to build resilience into your marketing strategy

      How to build resilience to work with your readers’

      Humans are feeble characters. What do I mean? We are constantly changing our minds as to what we like, want, or need. As an Authorpreneur, are you cut out to handle this?

      Well, this doesn’t come naturally but to be a successful author, you have to cultivate resilience. Here are sure ways you need to develop resilience to work with clients

      1. Understanding how the audience are changing

      This involves studying the buying behavior of readers. Are they leaning toward self-help books? How is the current situation affecting their buying pattern? During the year 2021, Publishers Weekly reported at the end of the 3rd quarter, the sale of children’s books had gone up by 9%. If you are keen on such trends, you are likely to identify your peak sale period.

      2. Readiness to act quickly

      Once you’ve spotted a gap in your approach to readers, do you want to act fast to resolve it or take your time? 

      You should be agile to appeal to readers. Understand that the readers are your business investors. If you don’t act fast to their needs, that investment (book sale) you’ve been dreaming about will go up in smoke. 

      3. Create a seamless process for your readers

      You want to make the client journey as they approach you the simplest it can be. Prepare beforehand sources where they can find information about you if they need to. Remember, nobody loves buying from a stranger. 

      Make the checkout process as simple as possible. If the process is lengthy, you will most likely lose sales halfway through the process. A confused buyer doesn’t buy.

      How to build resilience into your marketing strategy

      As an Authorpreneur, you are a marketer before an author. You have to develop marketing strategies to get your book to the masses if you do not wish to have it seated on shelves collecting dust. 

      It is vital that you build resilience into your marketing strategy. To accomplish these, the following 3 factors will play a crucial role in your process

      1. Flexibility to changing client markets

      Resilience needs you to be adaptable to the ever-changing market. If there is one field that keeps evolving more often, it is the marketing field. 

      You will constantly have to rethink how you offer your product in the market. Strategies that worked a year ago may not be that effective today unless you tweak them to what works today. 

      2. Expect problems and be ready for them

      We are never certain about tomorrow. With constantly evolving scenarios, anything can come up tomorrow. That does not mean slacking but means being in readiness for anything.

      Anticipate issues that may come up in an author’s marketing journey and prepare how you can handle such situations. Carry out a SWOT analysis of your marketing plan and team. Let this help you anticipate the Weaknesses and Threats you may face. The Strengths and Opportunities will offer you a chance to lay out plans for handling the marketing issues that may arise

      3. Embrace mistakes as your learning Opportunities

      Mistakes and failures are common occurrences in life. There’s no way you can avoid them 100%. We are imperfect humans. Are you going to beat yourself about this and stay down?

      As you set up your marketing, some new things won’t work well for you. Take these as lessons and let them help you make a better marketing strategy. You can learn what channels don’t work for you, If you need to expand your target market, or if you need to change your tactic.  


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