Overcoming Fear

Tackling Fear and Gaining Faith to Becoming a Successful Author

What is your greatest fear as an author? Don’t shy off from mentioning what’s coming to your mind. 

Authors are also human beings and are not exempted from experiencing low moments. We are living in tough times and as an author, these could be detrimental to your authorship. Truth be told, there are many things that surround your thoughts when you want to move ahead and intimidate you. They bring forth self-doubt and self-esteem issues that result in self-pity. These are both enemies of progress. 

Life has a way of throwing curve balls, but you should not let the moments of grief hold you back. A leap of faith is all you need to stay on track and get published.

Facing the battles in life and healing 

Fear is a drawback to us because it has the power to slow us down, fight progress, and stagnate us. Fear makes us feel incompetent as authors and take our confidence down the drain. 

Fears can stir a lot of negativity and give authors a losing mindset. It could be a consequence of a series of unfortunate events that happened and were beyond our control. It is amazing how fear can zap out the energy in you as an author, especially if you lack the tools to overcome it.

As an author, you remain the biggest obstacle to your success. Your battle should not last for long unless you permit them. You always need to go in confident and with full faith to be able to overcome your fears.

For a solution to be found, it is necessary to know the root cause of the problem. Ask yourself:

  • What is your purpose as an author?
  • What is the biggest obstacle you are facing?
  • Is it you that people want to read or your book?
  • Who do you want to inspire?
  • How do you want to pass on your message?

Earlier this year, I had an insightful interview with Coach Keller Coleman on his podcast called M.A.P. TV.  I discussed the 5 ways I overcame fear when I was shifting from an Employee to Self-Employed. It was a great interview but I’ll give you the cliff notes below. To see the full podcast click here.

5 Ways to refresh your soul and overcome fear

1. Positive affirmation.

You need to articulate why people would want to be associated with you. Declaring that you are an overcomer, you are excellent, you are unique, you are amazing, and you are a conqueror on a daily basis will elevate your spirit and keep you going. This also calls for surrounding yourself with people who are optimistic and have a winning mindset. It is important to guard what comes inside you so that you will have control of what you spread to others.

2. Starting on the right note

As you wake up in the morning to many challenges, keeping the right attitude can be a daunting task as an author. For a change, kick start your day with either an inspirational quote or reading a spiritual book. For me, it’s the Bible, for others it’s something else. Follow your belief. This is a great source to uplift your moods and ignite your faith throughout the day.

3. Boosting your knowledge

Knowledge is power, and there’s no denying this. Learning something new like a skill, reading a book, or hiring a coach, builds your confidence and broadens your thinking scope. These gradually push your fears aside.

As an author, it is important for you to constantly gain knowledge about the growth of your business and unlock your potential. Increasing your know-how polishes your skills as an author, attracts revenue, and in the long term, helps you overcome your fears.         

4. Gratitude Journal

As an author, you can be so swamped with activities that you take things for granted and forget to have a thankful spirit. Being intentional about counting your blessing at the crack of dawn can go a long way in keeping you on track and casting your fears to the wind. Begin by noting down at least five things you are grateful for each morning.

5. Work on your fears

It is possible to show up and do it scared. Remember, your book is the tool to pass the message and inspire the audience. Whatever you want to birth is bigger than you. As an author, fight your fears head-on. Battles could weigh you down but don’t let them last. Always have a progressive journey. God will align things for you if you take the leap of faith and do it naturally.

The guideline above, if done regularly, heightens your faith and gives you the drive to move on as an author. The world is waiting for you to decide, show up and begin. It is only then that they will identify with you. Again, remember that all hurdles you encounter in life teach you.

Hope this changes your perception of fear and gives you the courage to tackle it head-on. Let me know how you feel after reading this.


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