How to Create a Book Launch Team

Are you an author looking to create a successful book launch? If so, you’ll want to create a book launch team. This important part of your launch plan will help you generate buzz and excitement for your new book. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on creating a book launch team and what to do once you have one in place. Ready to launch? Let’s get started! 

What is a Book Launch Team?

A book launch team can be described as a group of people committed to promoting your book and are also involved in the events leading to the book’s launch. They can help you generate buzz and excitement for your new release, leading to increased sales.

A well-organized launch team can also help with publicity efforts, both online and offline. They will also ensure that the momentum is kept for at least two weeks after the launch. A book launch team’s effort can be vital, especially when enabling you to reach your promotion goals and increase your book sales. 

Here are vital tips that will get your book launch team set:

1.    Find People to Hire 

Use your email list and social media platforms to identify potential team members. Start at least 6-8 weeks ahead of time. Your goal is to assemble a group of people with clout who can help with the promotion. Share an application form with your email list and social media followers for them to fill and be considered to be in the team. You can also list 20-30 particular industry contacts with whom you can communicate directly. This could be corporate associates, affiliates on the internet, or industry specialists. Podcasters, writers, and influencers are examples of people who fall under this category.

2.    Be Clear About Your Expectations of the Book Launch Team

It is vital that you have clear expectations from the beginning of what you want from the book launch team members. To avoid any confusion, keep your expectations short and straightforward, and ensure that you communicate them clearly to the team that you have created. You don’t have to swamp them with emails every day but instead, check on them periodically and ensure that what they committed to is still being done.

3.    Make A Marketing Strategy.

Before the launch, a marketing strategy must be created and sketched out. You should clarify how the team should get the word out about the book. Create a flowchart and step-by-step directions for them to follow. There is a chance that some book launch team members have not done this previously, so they will most likely be at a loss for what to do. The better you can direct them with precise actions, the more promotion will occur, and the better the results will be.

4.    Make an Email Schedule

Next, list the emails you’ll send to the people you’ve chosen to be on your book launch team. Welcome them to the team and send them a copy of the book so they may read it ahead of time for the promotion. Make sure that the team knows everything they need to know like the critical dates, and be available for any questions. It’s a good idea to prepare the emails you will send to them ahead of time and they should be sent before, during, and after the launch. Provide a summary or plan for the book launch approach for them to know what is coming next. 

5.    Send Reader Copies of the Book in Advance

You must make the book copy available to your launch team in advance. In most cases, sharing the book with your team two to three weeks before the launch date gives them ample time to get acquainted. Digital galleys can also deliver digital copies of the book to the team before publication. Finally, use book marketing platforms like Bookfunnel, to make it simpler to distribute books for free.

6.    Request That Your Colleagues Buy a Discounted Copy of Your Book and Write an Amazon Review. 

Reduce the pre-order price just for them, then boost it shortly before the debut. They must make a genuine purchase.

7.    Encourage Your Book Launch Team to Promote the Book Widely. 

Request that they promote the book via social media, website, and email.

One way you can help them is with a pre-order bonus. This will help your book launch team advertise your book before it ever goes live. Urge them to tell their friends about it and advertise the benefits of bulk orders while the offer is still available.

8.    Create Swipe Files

The book launch team can use a swipe file, a collection of pre-formatted or written emails and blogs. This makes spreading the information via email or social media a breeze. Also share some graphics they can use, such as email headers, social media graphics, website banners, and written materials. Share the swipe files with them a few weeks before the launch, if possible, so they have time to arrange the promotion with their regular marketing.

9.    Work on the Team’s Morale

Given how far ahead you recruited them, maintaining the team’s enthusiasm for your book can be difficult. It would be best to engage them regularly to keep them interested in helping you spread the news. Facebook groups are a great approach to keep your novel’s readers interested. A motivated team has better productivity, and therefore you need to look for a way to keep the launch team engaged and motivated. It will make them feel that they are part of the launch, which is a great advantage.

Final Take Away

Even though creating a book launch team can seem to be a daunting task, you can be sure that by following the guidelines we have discussed in this article, you will be able to create a successful book launch team. If you’re not sure about setting up a book launch team, let us help you in launching, marketing and promoting your book. Contact us to learn more about our book coaching services that can help you launch your bestseller!


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