Forgive Your Past

A Guide To Forgiving Yourself As An Author Of The Past and Turning Into A Profitable Author

Let’s get something straight, authors aren’t perfect. They do make mistakes. Authors are human and there is no perfect human. But then, does this mean that you and I should just throw our hands in the air and give up?

Not at all, being imperfect isn’t the end.

Well, you made mistakes and that already happened. Since that ship sailed, how about we accept that a mistake happened, identify what caused it, and find a way to avoid falling under that pattern for your future success?

Identifying and letting go of your past mistakes as an author 

It is not possible to learn from a mistake until you admit it. As an author, you’ll find that in some cases you are not able to tell beforehand that a decision you’ve made will turn out to hurt your goal. So if this happened in your life? Well, it is time to acknowledge it, learn from it, then let go.

1. Are you blaming others for something that you feel didn’t go right?

Snap out of it. Blaming others for what went wrong just to absolve yourself never helps and you are bound to fall prey to the same mistake again while repeating the same pattern of shifting blame.How about we acknowledge our own error with the understanding that it will help us move forward and ultimately grow.

2. Was your plan fail-proof?

Analyze your goals as an author before writing. Before you start to write your book, let’s get a couple of things sorted out. 

  • What is my goal? 
  • What is my inspiration? 
  • Who will publish the book? 
  • Who is the book targeting? 
  • What kind of topic will appeal to them?
  • How does my book serve them? 
  • What is my marketing plan? 

Answers to these questions will be of great help. You do not want to publish a book that turns out to be a sitting duck, this will hurt your pocket and drive as an author

3. Afraid to ask yourself the tough questions?

You can keep doing this if you want to repeat the same mistakes over and over. You do not want to dwell on this too much either. Tough questions that can help you include: 

  • What did I do wrong? 
  • What did I learn from this?
  • How can I prevent this from happening again? 

Be precise or straightforward with your answers if you are to learn from this and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

4. Are you likely to repeat the same mistake?

You want to make it harder for yourself to mess up again. How about writing down the reasons why you do not want to make the same mistake again? You know very well how much the past mistake cost you. Creating a list of reasons why you do not want a repeat of the same will help you stay on track and disciplined in your new resolve for success.

How to take steps toward becoming a profitable author

To be a successful author, you need to work your way around all the mistakes of the past in order to come out winning and that’s why I’m here. My goal is to move you from the “I suck, I’m washed-up, or I wasn’t really cut out for this” mentality to an “I can do anything if I put my mind to it” personality.

Here are my recommended tips on your path toward becoming a profitable author

  1. Learn what it takes to be a good author. You want to master the fundamentals of book writing to ensure your book will not come out as a joke in the market

  1. Build up the skills you need to become a best-selling author. What’s your niche in writing or what subjects are you good at? With a positive author mindset, you will have the drive to create bestseller material

  1. Study the market. Where is there a gap that you can fill? Lining that gap alongside your writing strengths can create a unique product that the market has been thirsting for. This is what you need

  1. Plan your marketing. You do not want to publish a new book before having this plan in place. Where do you want to focus on selling your books? You neither need a very expensive marketing scheme that will move small book sales that will not equate to the cost of publishing but rather need a proper plan that will ensure bulk sales

  1. Sell! Sell! Sell! and move on to your next book

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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