Finances Got You Stuck?

Financial Anxiety, Doubt, and Worry Does Hold You Back From Becoming The Successful Author You Should Be

Have you allowed the “fear of failure” mindset to take over your life?

What I refer to as the fear of failure mindset has become rampant today. What’s worse is that it is holding many back from the great impact they could contribute to society if only they had the courage to push forth.

Financial anxiety pushes you to doubt and worry and eventually sets you afraid to explore being a successful author. How? 

How financial anxiety and worry work

Consider Marie, she is a mother of 2 both under the age of 8. Her eldest Angela is talented in gymnastics and does really well in school. Marie would love to see her excel more and knows she could do better with a tutor. Her younger son hasn’t started school yet so her mom watches him during the day. She would like them to live a comfortable life AND spend as much time with them as possible,  but feels she will always need her 9 to 5 job, plus overtime because the income she and her husband brings in keeps them living paycheck to paycheck.  

Marie is an amazing writer and published her first book 3 years back but it did not sell well. She knows that if she committed more to the book then the situation would have been different. However, she is afraid to do that since it means investing more into herself. What if that turns out to be a terrible mistake and destabilizes her family financially? Her family needs her monthly salary and not forgetting her extended family who now and then need financial support from her.

Do you partially or fully resonate with Marie’s story? Does it feel like you are in Marie’s shoes? Maybe you know a friend (cough cough lol) who sounds like Marie

If your answer to any or one of the questions is yes, then ‘fear or failure’ has potentially taken control of your life?

You may have had a desire to become an author but haven’t yet gotten around to it or you’ve drafted your book but are holding back from publishing it. What is it that’s holding you back?

You are not alone. Many are afraid to take the leap because they aren’t sure of how it will pan out in the end. Many end up with a monologue of questions similar to the ones below:

  1. What will happen if I invest in myself, but then my book fails to sell?
  2. How will my family be looked after if my book doesn’t bring in a lot of cash?
  3. There are numerous authors that have failed, what if I will just add to that statistic?
  4. How will others view me once I launch my book but it ends up being a flop?

While these questions sound valid, they are simply obstacles holding you back from establishing yourself as a successful author. With a proper strategy on what kind of book you should write to the selling of the book, you are bound to succeed as an author.

How to overcome an “I will/ I might fail” mentality

1. Get over your limiting beliefs

Start by changing the relationship you have with failure. You have always believed or felt that if you take the ‘author path’, you may lose control of the financial security you’ve got at the moment in employment. You need to grow out of this mindset since it is toxic and doesn’t build you up.

2. Take inspiration from past failures

Do not feel threatened by past failures but rather take inspiration from them and move toward success. It may be from your own failures or you can choose the stories of many who are successful today but did have to overcome past failures

3. Acquire the skills you need

Study to better yourself on how to be a successful author rather than jump into it blindly. We’ve got content and courses designed to help new as well as existing authors make the best in selling more books.

4. Stop procrastinating

Have you been putting things off for a later time that never really materializes? Procrastination is the enemy of progress. You need to make definitive plans and follow them. Pushing things to later only means delaying your success and making things look unachievable

All you need is just the right know-how and taking a strategic approach to writing, publishing, and marketing your book. Discover how published authors are using the BLAST MethodTM to sell bulk books in less time. Don’t let anxiety hold you back from the success you can achieve.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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