Don’ts For Your Book Launch Party

Avoid These 8 Costly Mistakes When Planning Your Launch Party

Organizing a successful launch party can be an incredibly satisfying experience. And the key to pulling it off is planning for every detail. You ought to make sure that guests feel welcome, comfortable, and excited about the upcoming event.

Let’s say you have completed preparations for what we discussed last week, I will give you a recap just in case you missed out on last week’s post which you can find in the link HERE

1. Give advance notice to invitees

2. Choose the right venue for the launch

3. Have decorations for use

4. Prep your guests getting them hyped about the event

5. Prepared for photo and video shoots to capture memories

6. Organized for refreshment and entertainment

With these planned, make sure to keep things organized and on track during the event to make sure everyone feels included. When it all comes together, the book launch party becomes a rewarding experience for the author and the audience

It may be easy to get carried away or include some Don’ts to your book launch party though. Let’s cover these so you keep on track with your book launch.

Launch Party Don’ts

To ensure that your launch party goes off without a hitch, there are a few simple don’ts to keep in mind. 

  1. Don’t plan the event too close to the actual book launch date
  1. Avoid overcrowding the venue, estimate the attendees beforehand through RSVP
  1. Do not serve heavy or messy meals; light and easy-to-handle refreshments are ideal
  1. Be wary of locations that are not easily accessible or organizing events out of town making it a lengthy drive
  1. Poor lighting, or unmarked entries and exits both inside and outside the venue
  1. Not having a launch party team assisting the audience
  1. Don’t forget the safety and security of the attendance
  1. Don’t bring a limited number of book copies or promotional items to your book launch

By being mindful of these simple tips and making smart decisions throughout the planning process, you can guarantee that your launch party will be a successful one!

Some exciting ideas for your next book launch party

Now that we know the don’ts, what are some additional exciting ideas to keep in mind for your next book launch party?

Some exciting ideas for your next book launch party

Now that we know the don’ts, what are some additional exciting ideas to keep in mind for your next book launch party?

  1. Choose a fun and lively venue that’s spacious enough to accommodate all of your guests.
  1. Select an appropriate theme or tone for the party. Get creative with this to make it fun for the attendees
  1. Provide activities or entertainment for the guests, such as fun games/activities related to the topic, and/or live music performances
  1. Have someone running the show from start to finish who can ensure everything goes smoothly
  1. Incorporate elements that are unique to the book you’re launching, such as decorations or activities based off of it.
  1. Set up a photo booth with props and signs related to the book.
  1. Allow guests to take part in fun challenges or contests and create themed prizes for winners.
  1. Offer discounts on the newly released book or other related products as a special thank you to attendees.
  1. Ask celebrity guest authors to make an appearance at the party and have them sign books for lucky fans.
  1. Live stream your event so people who couldn’t attend can still join in on the celebration online!
  1. Get creative with the invitations—consider designing something custom that reflects the theme of your book launch party.
  1. Capture the occasion with a professional photographer and videographer who can document all of the special moments of the night.
  1. Send out thank you cards to each guest to show your appreciation for their attendance.

These are extras that if your budget allows, shall make your event exciting and unforgettable that everyone is sure to enjoy!

No need to try to do them all, pick out what you can do and remember to HAVE FUN! 

Which of these would you like to try for your next book launch party? Drop a comment below. 

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