Do You Need a Self-Publishing Coach?

How Can a Coach Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster?

Writing an entire book and navigating through the process is a hectic process and many writers give up along the way. From the actual writing, editing, proofreading, beta reading, making the choice of publishing and marketing the book, the process is best tackled with the help of a self-publishing coach.

What Is a Self-Publishing Book Coach?

A self-publishing book coach is a professional who helps authors navigate the self-publishing process. A book coach provides guidance on everything from developing a book idea to writing, editing, and publishing a book. They also help authors with marketing and promotion. A self-publishing book coach is not an editor or a ghostwriter, but they can provide advice on working with these professionals.

Why You Need a Book Coach

Do you need a book coach? Consider the following reasons why need a book coach is a valuable team member in your quest to author books.

  1. A book coach provides guidance and support on everything from writing and editing to book design and marketing. When you are new to the process, this assistance can be extremely valuable by saving you time and unnecessary losses.

  1. They provide guidance and constructive criticisms- a book coach, is like your shepherd. They will walk with you through the whole writing process.

  1. They can also help authors stay organized and on track throughout the self-publishing process.

  1. They point out your strengths and weaknesses and areas you should work on to achieve your goals faster. 

  1. When you choose to publish the traditional way, you are banking on an in-house editor. There is just one problem with this. Due to the competition in the publishing industry, some of the big publishers complete up to fifty books every year. Therefore, you cannot rely on an in-house editor because they will not have time to give the book the love and care it deserves.

  1. Book coach will read through the pages of your written material, find the loopholes in the plot and help you identify the ways to fill them and flesh your characters better.

  1. While there are many resources available online, working with a book coach can provide a more personalized experience and ensure that authors are taking the right steps to self-publish their books successfully.

What Does a Book Coach Do?

Book coaches wear many hats, and their role depends on their area of expertise, but their goal overall is the same, which is to assist the book writer in the creative writing process and make a profit from the sales of their books. A good book coach will help you in figuring;

  • The reasons why you are writing the book
  • The positioning of your book
  • The audience that your book targets
  • The right mindset for successfully finishing the book
  • Writing goals for the day or the week
  • Deal with fears that you are facing in the writing journey
  • A good book coach will have experience in the publishing industry and be up-to-date on the latest self-publishing trends. 
  • They will help you market and make profit from your book.

The Process of Self-Publishing with A Book Coach

In a bid to make you achieve your writing goals faster, a book coach does the following:

A) At The Initial Stage

You will work closely with the coach to bring clarity to the idea and clarify it. The coach will support you whether your writing style is that of someone who starts and follows the idea (a pantser) or whether you are a person who first plans a vivid outline before writing (a plotter). 

B) In The Middle Stage

A coach will clear your doubts by providing answers about writing to your questions, helping you brainstorm newer ideas, and ensuring that you are accountable. The coach may also discuss with you the writing process, the challenges you are likely to face in your writing journey, and other relevant things that relate to the book itself. This is the stage that you are likely to give up, and therefore the coach plays a vital role in ensuring you are pushing through to the end to achieve your goal faster.

C) At The Final Stage

The coach helps you bring together the entire draft into one document. They may also help make revision plans and take you through the revision process. some coaches will help you through the book’s submission process, which includes but is not limited to pitching and writing synopses and queries. 

The coach will also help you deal with psychological issues that you may experience, such as imposter syndrome, discouragement, and fear of being rejected.

The Value of a Self-Publishing Book Coach 

As seen earlier, the book writing process is not easy. A self – publishing coach makes writing easier and achievement of goals faster because of the following reasons;

1) Coaches provide powerful extrinsic motivation. They set deadline goals which motivates you to aim at finishing a given part within the deadline period. This helps to achieve your goals faster and overcome the challenge to give up.

2) A book coach helps you to foster accountability by ensuring you deliver on your commitment to writing by adding motivation to the mix. For example, a coach may be checking in daily or weekly. This ensures that you are committed to the course and that you develop a sense of responsibility.

3) Coaches help you grow your confidence- under a coach, you will be confident enough to share your work with other people and be positive in receiving criticism. This is an important part of writing because it prepares you to release high quality work that can be sold as valuable content to the public.


If you’re looking for help self-publishing your book, a coach is a great option. They can provide guidance and support throughout the process, as well as help you stay organized and on track. Contact us to learn more about our book coaching services that will help you publish and profit from your bestseller!


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