Do I really need a Book Coach?

Effective Book Coaching Is A Guide To A Successful Author Career And Greater Opportunities

Are you a published author, still in the process of writing your book, or maybe still at the stage of drafting your book? Whatever your stage, you need guidance on how to get things done. This is where a book coach comes in. 

Who is a book coach 

A book coach is someone assisting you with either book writing, publishing, or promotion. They have the insight to guide you on the path you want to take in creating your book, publishing it, or how to get your book to its audience and make it profitable.

Who needs a book coach?

Every author needs a coach. The only question is which coach do they need. 

Why do I say this? Book coaches are not a one size fits all. They have different skill sets and different programs. These are designed for authors at different stages in an authorpreneur’s journey. There are coaches designed to help with the writing of books, publishing of books, or marketing and promoting published books.

This means that you need to first know what your struggle is before getting a book coach.

For our blog, our main focus will be on Coaching for published authors

Why do published authors avoid book coach?

Most feel the book is published… it will sell itself… 

However, I’d like to touch on something most authors fear … Investing in themselves.

Many published authors feel that they do not need a book coach and want to focus on getting their books sold. But did you know, investing in a book coach will mean getting bigger returns effectively? This is because when you invest in a coach, you are actually investing in yourself. You gain knowledge that will make you effective in your craft.

While it may require you to invest in yourself at a level you haven’t before, this allows you to gain the knowledge and skill required to take your author business to the next level. 

Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know. Tony Robbins said coaching can yield a 7x return on your investment, if you apply the information. 

Sounds profitable now, right?

You are the best investment you could ever choose. 

7 reasons you need a book coach

  1. Set new goals – There’s no success without goals. You may have goals set but are they your final destination? A book coach will help you set realistic goals and help you set a plan on how you can work toward them.
  1. Tracking your wins – It is easy to get discouraged and lose track of your wins when you are in business especially when you have challenges along the line. A coach will help you master how to keep focused by tracking your wins and always keeping positive. 
  1. Financial training – you will receive training on how you can invest your money in your book marketing to maximize profits. You will be able to easily identify failing strategies that are eating into your pockets and abandon them for effective strategies.
  1. Accountability – you need guidance to keep you focused and on time with your tasks. This will help you remain accountable and productive. Your tasks will be accessed and appropriate feedback delivered.
  1. Mental preparedness – A book coach helps you to be at ease when sharing your struggles and wins. This will help you easily master the art of developing a plan of action and executing it as needed.
  1. Boosting confidence – Coaching programs are designed to help you boost your confidence. Challenges and adversities will no longer scare the heck out of you as you will have the courage to face them head-on
  1. Faster growth – Coaching gives you a chance for exponential growth because you develop a creative mindset and viable solutions to your problems. Plus you get to tap into a proven strategy without all the trial and error.

Does this still sound like something you want to miss? I don’t think so. Drop a comment below or book a Free Consultation Call with me by clicking the link HERE. Let’s discuss my coaching program designed to help published authors sell their books in bulk and set your year up for success.


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