Can Your Book Bring About Financial Freedom?

Write your way into a life of financial freedom

As a kid, you didn’t have to stress out about money. This would actually be the case right through your teenage years if you got a sufficient allowance from your parents and lived comfortably.

Things however change drastically once you become an adult and find yourself in need of ensuring you have a home to stay, food to eat, and bills paid on time. With all these added responsibilities, you start developing money fears.

What are your money fears?

People have different fears when it comes to money. The most common ones fall under these:

  • Losing your job
  • Not getting out of debt
  • Losing wealth and assets
  • Running short of retirement money
  • Disclosing finances with your spouse
  • Not having investments for the children
  • Not having enough savings for the future
  • Having to support extended family or parents

This list does not sum them all up. However, the question is, what are your money fears? Consider the following questions designed to help you see clearly where you stand when it comes to money fears.

  1. How do I identify my money fears?
  2. What is it that I fear the most about if I lost all my money?
  3. If I had to go off the grid tomorrow, am I able to clear all my debts today comfortably or will I be afraid creditors will be calling my line constantly?
  4. Can I comfortably disclose to my spouse how much I have in savings or would that be too embarrassing to mention?

Being an author is a viable career choice

What many people worry about is the thought that they have to be really excellent writers to be authors. This isn’t quite right. Quite a number have made it as authors but wouldn’t describe themselves as the best writers. Being an author just requires you to write a story that connects with readers.

You do not need a marketing diploma or degree to be able to sell the books you’ve published. All you need are tips on how to approach the process to make big sales and bag the cash you need. The question for you is; ‘what does a successful author mean to you?’ Your answer is your vision and you want your steps as an author to lead you there.

How to overcome your fears to become a successful author

It can be daunting/ overwhelming to list your debts and money needed for monthly expenses versus what you bag in. What you need to keep in mind is that success in many cases never comes easy. You have to face your fears and make a good plan for you to be a successful author.  Selling your book in bulk will help you become a successful and profitable author. How about learning how you can take this path via our Book2Bulk Bootcamp? 

You want to start the path to becoming a published author and while you are at it, don’t ever think about quitting. Start with the will to see things through to the end. Your aim is not just to publish books but to be profitable as an author. Being an author and a full-time employee means one of the 2 will have to suffer. So is your authorship or employment? We well know that your employer will terminate your contract once you slack at your job thus meaning your authorship will be the casualty.

But there is a way to make it better… try time blocking. Don’t work on you book while you are working, but look at the available time you have and tell it what to do.  

How to succeed as an author

  1. Find a mentor
  2. Map your goals
  3. Find a gap in the market that you can fill
  4. Consider authoring a book series
  5. Build your brand/ image as an author
  6. Focus on bulk bookselling rather than single copies
  7. You can use your first book to sell your next book
  8. Establish an online presence and use social media as well
  9. Always be ready to evolve with the societal and market trends

To delve deeper into these, join our community and you can also apply for mentorship to learn how to successfully launch your career as an author.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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