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Strategic Marketing Plan for Authors Demystified

Being a published author is much more than just writing a book. Think of it, why are you writing your book? I’m sure part of the main reason is to make an impact in people’s lives. 

Author Motivation

Do I really need a Book Coach?

A book coach is someone assisting you with either book writing, publishing, or promotion. They have the insight to guide you on the path you want to take in creating your book, publishing it, or how to get your book to its audience and make it profitable.

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Branding is Everything

It is essential to create a personal brand that makes you professional and helps others identify with you. For the sustainability of a brand, it is important to remain consistent and focused, as these traits will define your success as an author.

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Stop Procrastinating and Start Profiting

Procrastination is a killer of self and business growth. How? It brings out a variety of qualities in a person that do not help with growth. Some of these include:

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3 Ways to Sell More Books

The journey to becoming a bestselling author is achievable through selling more books. I have however been able to achieve this and am looking forward to sharing the secrets with authors looking to achieve the same. 

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Optimizing Productivity via Time Blocking

Time blocking is a time management strategy involving scheduling each moment of your day. The art of time blocking means breaking down your day and dedicating time slots for particular tasks.

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Overcoming Fear

As an author, you remain the biggest obstacle to your success. Your battle should not last for long unless you permit them. You always need to go in confident and with full faith to be able to overcome your fears.

Author Tips

How to Create a Book Launch Team

Are you an author looking to create a successful book launch? If so, you’ll want to create a book launch team. This important part of your launch plan will help you generate buzz and excitement for your new book.

Author Tips

How to Copyright Your Book

How to Copyright Your Book. Copyrighting your book is one of the processes in book publishing that many authors are always skeptical about. However, it’s not difficult to understand as many think.

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