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Selecting A Publisher

Understanding the Different Types of Publishers and the roles they play Choosing the right publisher is one of the most important decisions an author can

Author Tips

Editing Essentials

The Essential Guide to Book Editing Your Manuscript for Publication Publishing a book can be a long but exciting process; one of the most important

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Leverage Technology To Grow Your Author Business

With the right technology, authors can take advantage of a variety of opportunities and resources to maximize their reach, increase sales, and create new revenue streams. 

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Author Motivation

Diversify Your Revenue Streams Author

A sustainable business model is one that will generate ongoing revenue from different sources. To do this, you must understand the various revenue streams available to authors and how to use them most effectively.

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Successful Authors Have An Online Presence

In order to achieve success as an authorpreneur, you will need to consider how to best market yourself and your book so that potential readers know about your work.