Are You Selling Your Books In Bulk?

Organizations: Your Answer to Selling Your Books in Bulk 

What is your reason or goal to publish books? 

You may have a couple of goals for doing this and making a living out of publishing definitely is among them. So, how many books do you need to sell to reach your goal?

Knowing this information first can help you devise a plan that will help you reach that goal. I quit my full-time job to be a profitable impactful author, speaker, and coach. While many were skeptical about my move thinking to themselves that I will fail, here I am standing tall and having sold bulk copies of my first book “Rise”, as well inspired my 6-year-old daughter to publish her first book, become a best-seller, be a paid speaker, and sell books by the caseload.

Do you think this was sheer luck? 

Not at all and you can achieve this as well. During my journey, I’ve gained valuable insight into how to be a profitable author rather than just being a popular author. Let me walk you through how you can use organizations to sell your books in bulk

Who is your book meant for?

Do you already have a published book or are you seeking to write and publish your first book? If you do not have one, you want to write your best book because the readers can tell the difference. If you already have the book written down already but aren’t able to competently edit it, then do hire someone to do it for you. If you are an editor, please have another professional review your manuscript. 

How do you expect your book to sell if you published one not taking into account who the audience would be? Your book needs to target an audience for you to have a successful launch. The audience is something you need to define before you start working on your book. However, if you already have your book published, you can as well review it to identify its right audience. This will guide you into approaching the right organizations for your book sale.

Identify and approach organizations that your book will speak to

Just because you published a so-called good book (good is relative) and promised yourself and others that you will promote it does not translate to big sales. You definitely need good marketing tactics to boost your sales and the top among these is approaching organizations.

Individuals do not buy books in bulk. It will also need a lot of effort and cost you much more spending in ads to reach out to individuals to get a sizable sale. Organizations on the other hand are bulk buyers and it doesn’t really cost money you to pick up the phone or send that all-important introduction email. 

The idea is to target companies, universities, charities, and related businesses to sell your book. Before reaching out to these, you need to list who your target audience is before sampling out the organizations or institutions you want to approach. If your book provides readers with a need that should be filled and the organization targets your kind of audience, your bulk sale dream will become a reality.

Go wide with distribution and connecting to organizations

Exclusive distribution means limiting your book distribution. Why do you want to limit your book distribution when your goal is to be profitable? Widen your horizon when it comes to distribution.

Just selling your book within your state is limiting yourself. Reach out to organizations outside your city-state or country. You may find more success outside your state than you did in your own state. While doing this, you have to take into account the state or country you are targeting and ensure that your book tackles their issues. Join my community to access pointers and webinars I share with my audience first to sell more books. I also have an Elite Mentorship Opportunity covering how to approach organizations for your bulk book sales.

Don’t entirely rule out individual buyers

You do not want to entirely neglect individual sales. While you want to target organizations, you want your book to have an impact on all who need it. You want to set in place the following to help you reach out to others:

  1. Build your own platform where you can connect to readers while selling the book to individuals. Having a website, an email list, and a social media account will help you keep the conversations going with your readers.

  1. Promote your book. You can use both paid and unpaid promotions to spread the word about your book. Is it a new book? Start the promotions before the launch of the book and build an audience before your launch. Be it social media advertising, online advertising, or email campaigns; they will all add up to your sale right before and after the launch.

  1. Follow up with book reviews. Use popular platforms to get reviews of your book. You can make good use of pre-launch and post-launch reviews. Make the first move and ask for reviews from your readers, you will be surprised to see how much many would like to help.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 


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