Are You a Sunflower?

Think about your biggest dream, your largest vision, something you desire to accomplish.

Did you know some of the most powerful, life-changing, mind blowing visions never come to fruition and can be found in the graveyard?

Before your glorious dream comes to pass it needs to be cared for as if it were a sunflower seed.

Like a sunflower seed, if you add sunlight, water, rich soil, and love, your dream will blossom into something magnificent.

Should you choose to continue to dream about it and never tend to it, your dream will find its resting place in the graveyard

I believe that if we live like a sunflower, we could live better, be happier and become stronger.

Have you ever had David’s Sunflower Seeds? Think about the taste.
They taste pretty good right?

Now picture the size. Sunflower seeds start out so small, so tiny, seemingly insignificant. But inside, if the seed is cared for, watered, planted in fertile soil, and loved, it evolves into something you would not be able to imagine if you never saw the flower before.

Your goals, dreams, visions, and aspirations can blossom into something bigger than anything you could ask for or think of. With proper care, people can witness their dreams turn into a big, magnificent, beautiful, resilient, majestic phenomenon, like the sunflower seed evolving into a flower.

Just as the sunflower seed’s beauty is hidden inside its shell, so, too, are your untapped potential, purpose, and destiny waiting to emerge.

You were created for a purpose bigger than yourself and that greatness locked inside of you is itching for you to cultivate it – it urges to break free.

When you dream,


The sunflower seed has a dream to be planted and grow into a magnificent flower. Just as the sunflower seed needs to go into a dark place and push through a lot of dirt to fulfill its purpose; when dark times come into your life, your dream should not die, but become rooted and push through to the sunlight, and rise.

No one can see what happens inside the soil where the seed is planted, but my oh my, much progress is made. When you and your dream emerge from the darkness, there will be an amazing sight to see.

Keep pushing, keep rising.

Have you ever heard a sunflower talk?

No, neither have I.

However, the sunflower does not complain about being too fat, too tall, too dark, or too small.

Sunflowers come in all shapes and sizes. They come in red, purple or the ubiquitous yellow hue, along with a vast range of sizes, varying from short dwarfs, to big, grand, giants.

Regardless of its appearance, the sunflower blooms.

It is important that we learn to love ourselves and the way we were made. We are all unique, all destined to flourish.

Regardless of where you are in life, your background, your history, etc. RISE, look toward the light, and bloom.

If we are to rise and live our best lives, we need to embrace who we are; we need to smile, laugh, take risks, be humble and transparent. If we accomplish this, we will learn to be resilient.

“He will be a light unto our feet and a lamp unto our path, His light will lead the way” (Psalms 119:105).

Did you know a young sunflower’s face tracks the sun?

A young sunflower’s face follows the sun from sunrise to sunset every day. This phenomenon continues until it reaches adulthood or maturity.

Sunflowers look to the sun like we should look to the Son, Jesus. Jesus is the light, our sunlight, and when we follow Him, He leads the way.

We need to constantly grow towards the light. If what you are about to do isn’t leading you to the light, ensuring you rise from darkness, don’t do it!

Sometimes fear and emotions try to run my life. In the past, I would get anxious about what life has in store for me. I had to learn to be rooted in God and not be afraid of breaking.

I believe we need to simulate the sunflower and grow unapologetically, blossoming into the best hope-filled version of ourselves.

I’ve resolved to grow and step out in faith, to allow opportunities to happen. When things feel new and uncomfortable, I’ve resolved to take a risk, and be like a sunflower and grow.

I keep my head high, no matter what happens, no matter how dark it gets, no matter what mistakes I make. I know I will find the sun as I look towards heaven where my help comes from.

I can’t be a tool in God’s hands if I’m standing in despair, condemnation, and guilt with my head hung in shame. God can restore and heal all. It’s God’s plan that I need to trust in, not my own. I will look to Him and trust His plan.

I will rise because

He rose.

You can rise because He
has risen.

Will you risk living your best life because you are scared to step out in faith?

Will you risk never fulfilling your purpose by not being vulnerable?

Or, will you live like a sunflower?


If this has helped you, let me know in the comments.

If you think it will help others, share it!

I love you.

It’s Time to Rise!


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