3 Ways to Sell More Books

Get on the Fast Track toward becoming a Successful Author

How have your books been selling since your first launch? Are you an author looking to get real book sale results?

The journey to becoming a bestselling author is achievable through selling more books. I have however been able to achieve this and am looking forward to sharing the secrets with authors looking to achieve the same. 

You know you are in business if your books are flying off the shelves and you are always almost out of stock. I am ready to share with you a few tips on how this can be done. What’s more, is that I’ve got an upcoming free masterclass that will dig deeper into the 3 strategies to help you sell more books. 

What is an author’s priority?

Many authors’ undoing is to talk more about themselves. As a result, they cannot address the needs of their audience. 

As an author, your priority is your audience, not even your book. If you have what I call a ‘selfish book’ that addresses no one’s needs, who will buy it? Books are written by authors for the audience, not for keep’s sake. If your book fails to address what the audience needs, then it will just add to a pile on your shelf and publisher’s storage space thus not having an impact on society. With that, there will be no skyrocketing sales and profitability will just be a fleeting thought. Focus on winning the heart of your readers. 

3 ways to sell your book

Here’s the thing, every author dreads low sales because it can demotivate you from ever publishing again. I want you to achieve more book sales, that’s why I will briefly share the tips I will be covering in my masterclass designed to help you sell more books:

1. Have a mission statement

Wondering what does a mission statement have to do with book sales?

Most authors don’t have a mission statement to work by. Each business needs a compelling mission statement and you as an author are no exception. You do want your readers to understand you and connect with you as a person. This not only defines your purpose as an author but clearly defines your goals. With this lined out, the audience can be drawn to your booking knowing it will appeal to their needs.

2. What is your ‘Why’?

Why did you write this book? Why should the audience get your book? You need to know who your book will be speaking to or who would like to read it. Always have your target audience in mind when writing a book. Think about your next book as well. If you have a book that’s successful, inspired the audience, and also left them yearning for more, then you are on a path to big book sales. This is not only limited to single audiences but organizations as well that enable bulk book sales.

3. Niching down

What’s your niche? Are you niching down when writing your book? Many authors make the big mistake of writing books with the thought that they are for everyone. Well, don’t make that mistake with yours. Your book is not for everyone but is for specific people. You can’t be an all-rounder and expect yourself to deliver the best. Focus and specialize to deliver the best for your audience. When you are specific, you will be more productive and exceed your readers’ expectations. You become outstanding when you niche down and become more visible will result in doubling your book sales. Another merit is that you become an expert in the field and in turn more efficient as an author.

What sales are you targeting?

I keep mentioning that the reason I quit my job was to become a profitable publisher, coach, and author, not for popularity.

Popularity can’t pay my bills but performance does. Take advantage of my support and get out of your comfort zone.

I am here to share the secrets that made me achieve bulk sales of my first book “Rise” which had a ripple effect and ‌inspired my six-year-old daughter to publish her first book which inspires children. 

A large volume of book sales implies people are actually enjoying reading your book and that it is affecting their lives. More book sales can lead to more reviews, which will as well scale up your business.

What’s your author story?

Have you not sold your books in months? Are you having trouble niching down? Are you trying to come up with a catchy mission statement? Is your ‘WHY’ still in the developmental stage? 

Whatever your story is, as long as you are eyeing becoming a successful author,  this is a golden chance for you. Let’s train ourselves to be action-oriented, which gives results and keeps us motivated. 

Are you ready to sell more books?

Register for my upcoming masterclass now to equip yourself as an author on selling more books. 

It takes a lot to be a successful author and discipline is on that list. Don’t miss out on my masterclass and get on the fast track to becoming a successful author.


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