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Overcoming Fear

As an author, you remain the biggest obstacle to your success. Your battle should not last for long unless you permit them. You always need to go in confident and with full faith to be able to overcome your fears.

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How to Create a Book Launch Team

Are you an author looking to create a successful book launch? If so, you’ll want to create a book launch team. This important part of your launch plan will help you generate buzz and excitement for your new book.

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How to Copyright Your Book

How to Copyright Your Book. Copyrighting your book is one of the processes in book publishing that many authors are always skeptical about. However, it’s not difficult to understand as many think.

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Can Your Book Bring About Financial Freedom?

Can Your Book Bring About Financial Freedom? Write your way into a life of financial freedom. You do not need a marketing diploma or degree to be able to sell the books you’ve published. All you need are tips on how to approach the process to make big sales and bag the cash you need. The question for you is; ‘what does a successful author mean to you?’ Your answer is your vision and you want your steps as an author to lead you there.

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Finances Got You Stuck?

Financial Anxiety, Doubt, and Worry Does Hold You Back From Becoming The Successful Author You Should Be… All you need is just the right know-how and taking a strategic approach to writing, publishing, and marketing your book. Discover how published authors are using the BLAST MethodTM to sell bulk books in less time. Don’t let anxiety hold you back from the success you can achieve.

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Forgive Your Past

A Guide To Forgiving Yourself As An Author Of The Past and Turning Into A Profitable Author… It is not possible to learn from a mistake until you admit it. As an author, you’ll find that in some cases you are not able to tell beforehand that a decision you’ve made will turn out to hurt your goal. So if this happened in your life? Well, it is time to acknowledge it, learn from it, then let go.

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Do You Need a Self-Publishing Coach?

Do You Need a Self-Publishing Coach? Writing an entire book and navigating through the process is a hectic process and many writers give up along the way. From the actual writing, editing, proofreading, beta reading, making the choice of publishing and marketing the book, the process is best tackled with the help of a self-publishing coach.

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How Much Do Authors Make?

How Much Do Authors Make? You might be thinking of becoming an author, but you are not sure if it is sustainable in terms of

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Hello November!

Welcome back family! I took the last few weeks off from blogging because I had my book launch! AAAAHHHH!!! I had such an amazing turn

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