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Mastering the Art of Authorpreneurship Management

Understanding the Art of Writing and Business Welcome to the world of Authorpreneurship Management! I’m dedicating November blogs to covering aspects of Authorpreneurship Management. Let’s

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You Can’t Be By Yourself Yet Be Your Best Self

Each Season Requires A Certain Mentor, Handpick Yours.  In the journey of personal and professional growth, one thing has become abundantly clear from our blog

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The Mentee’s Toolbox: A Must-Have Kit

Building the Foundation for Effective Mentorship When seeking guidance and support from a mentor, it’s important for mentees to come prepared with the right tools

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Streamlining the Sale Process

Why Your Ideal Organizations Need an Acquisition System Let me share my personal experience with you. As I transitioned from selling single copies of my

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Target Organizations

Maximizing Sales with a Targeted Approach Shifting from selling single copies of my book to moving entire cases was a game-changer. It allowed me to