Shana Danielle

Author I Poet I Inspirational Speaker I Entrepreneur

Shana Danielle is a remarkable, inspirational spoken word artist, author and entrepreneur. Through her thought-provoking imagery, she encourages and inspires people to become their best hope-filled, unashamed, unapologetic version of themselves.

Shana is passionate about helping others through her inspirational poetry. Her poetry resonates with so many people and ignites their desire to overcome challenges and live their best life.

Shana has always loved the arts; her first love was dance. She enjoys praising and worshipping God through her gift of dance. Her second love is poetry. She first discovered her passion for poetry in her 7th grade English and Language Arts class.

Shana currently resides in the Southern part of New Jersey with her husband and their five children. Their family motto is, as God blesses them, be a blessing to others. At the age of sixteen Shana vowed to open a dance studio with a mentoring program for children, focusing primarily on at-risk youth. Her book – Rise – is the first step toward providing help for many souls seeking to do better for themselves and loved ones.

Shana enjoys meeting new people and helping them identify and achieve their dreams. Her motivation comes from a desire to see others succeed, an innate compassion towards others, and a passion to provide exceptional service to all, regardless of background. She is currently in the process of becoming a certified transformational life coach.

Shana has years of experience working with at-risk youth and the substance abuse and mental health population. Her philosophies are faith-based. She believes in self-love, not self- affliction. Fear is not welcomed in her area of expertise. She encourages all to replace fear with faith.

While surviving every obstacle that has tried to deter her, Shana has learned that the past is something that should not define you; however, it can be used as a tool to motivate and encourage others. Shana believes being open and transparent through testimony can inspire others and allow them to live a life full of purpose, not a life trapped in guilt and shame.

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