Hey There, I’m Shana!

Profitable self-publishing coach, spirited speaker, author of Rise, devoted wife, mother of 5 beautiful children, and follower of Christ.

How My Journey Came To Be

From working 12-16-hour shifts to making 6+ figures, retiring my husband, and having time available to spend with loved ones.

Not so long ago, you could find me working inside an overcrowded county jail, in a city some would consider the most dangerous in America, with zero outside contact until the end of my long shifts.

The job was designed for me at the time, as it let me buy a house and provide for my family, though I had an unshakable feeling that God had much more in store. I knew I had a knack for writing and a message to share, but I also knew I would never earn as much.

…or so I thought.

Fast forward a few years, and I debunked 3 myths to increase sales for my book, Rise – something that genuinely changed my life:

Debunking these myths handed me the power to leave my full-time job, replace working 24/7 with quality family time, and devote my life to my God-given purpose: helping others scale their businesses and become financially free!

What I Believe In


Coaching focuses on working together in a collaborative partnership. When you win, I win!


Everyone makes mistakes – the only thing that matters is that you learn and grow from them.


Clients are always respected and encouraged to respect themselves (and MUST respect others).


Diversity is what makes us uniquely powerful. We all deserve a purposeful life, including you!


To become a thriving self-published author, you need to have attention to detail and be proactive.


Make a commitment to strive for the best version of yourself, personally and professionally.

Family Life

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When she’s not helping author become profitable in their businesses, Shana enjoys spending time with her husband and five children. Affectionately known as the “Parker Platoon,” she often shares hilarious and inspirational snippets from their everyday life.

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